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How can this be possible? Everyone can't win the lottery, right?
That is absolutely correct.
But every year over 1,600 people do win more than a million dollars, and that boils down to about four new lottery millionaires every day, day in and day out, every day of the year! Better still, that doesn't included literally tens of thousands of other winners who win $999,999 dollars or less. And for many of them I'm not talking ten bucks or so; a ton of people win $1,000, $10,000, even $100,000 every week!

If everybody can't win the lottery how can you offer Guaranteed Lottery Numbers to everybody?
For several reason. Let me explain.
First, it's sort of sad in a way that most people won't open the door when opportunity knocks. Doubt, fear, negative ways of thinking, something holds a lot of people back from taking advantage of an opportunity. The sad part is that this time it is a 100% Risk Free Money Back Guaranteed Offer, yet most folks will miss out.

Second, For many people who decide they will do this, they will decide to do it later. Then they either get busy and just forget to reserve their numbers, or fear sets in and something convinces them they should not "gamble" their money. They will continue to gamble on lottery tickets with odds of millions to one but not on a risk free opportunity.

Third, though the system is so easy, all of the work is done for you, all you have to do is get your tickets for each drawing, many people will for some reason lose interest or get distracted and stop playing. I have received letters from folks that missed big money by quitting too soon. Can't explain it but I can tell you it happens all the time. The good news is that when they quit that is one less person taking your lottery winnings.

Fourth, and finally, the system cannot be offered to everybody or it would stop working, so at some point individual games or the entire offer may be removed. At that point the ship has sailed and nobody will be able to reserve any more Guaranteed Lottery Numbers.

How are these numbers picked and what makes them so lucky?
The Guaranteed Lottery Numbers are selected using a proprietary method based on some very complicated math and years of effort determining the most effective means of selecting numbers that shall pay off in cold hard cash!

Exactly what do I get for my money?
You receive three number sequences or plays that are Guaranteed Lottery Numbers. It is just that simple. Play these numbers and you are guaranteed to win lottery money in the coming year or you will receive your money back.
What is more important is what you don't get. You don't have to wade through a thick manual of muddled hard to understand math, there is no system requiring you to keep records of your plays or number frequency, no software full of glitches, no headaches or work, and no need to play more than three tickets in a drawing.
Sometimes we spend so much time spinning our wheels we never get anywhere. Guaranteed Lottery Numbers get the job done.

What happens after I reserve my numbers? How long does it take to get them?
You receive three number sequences or plays that are Guaranteed Lottery Numbers. It is just that simple. After you reserve your own Guaranteed Lottery Numbers we email you and ask the game and format of the game. For instance a lot of people might play State Lotto and it is 6 balls pulled from 49. Once you tell us that we submit that information to the system for generation and usually the numbers come back within 24 hours. At that point we prepare to mail a paper copy to you but for fastest service we send a Word document of the numbers via email. Occasionally someone does not have Word and we have prepared them a PDF file or sent the numbers as text in an email. Whatever you need we try and make it happen for you.

What makes Guaranteed Lottery Numbers different from all those other lottery systems?
To start Guaranteed Lottery Numbers are not really a system, at least not one that you have to spend your valuable time and energy working on. All of the figuring is done for you and you just play the numbers. But the biggest difference of all is that you are guaranteed to win lottery money with Guaranteed Lottery Numbers. How many other lottery systems, books, or sales offers say that? Many have "satisfaction guarantees" but I am not aware of any others that guarantee winning.

Has anyone won using these numbers?
Absolutely. I've won and on the main page of this site there are tons of testimonials, emails that people have sent in telling me of their successes winning lottery money. There's also a lot of examples of other folks that had winning numbers and won money. All of them didn't get their winning numbers from me but when they win twice, three times, even more, when they win on two or seven or even seven hundred tickets, it seems they must have figured out something.

The big difference between them and me is that they are not sharing their information with you.

So why share? If these numbers are so good why not just keep them for yourself?
That's one of the most common questions. A bit cynical, but a fair question. It boils down to the fact that there are so many darn lotteries, so many winners nowadays. As I mentioned before, every year over 1,600 people win a million dollars or more and tens of thousands win large amounts less than a million dollars. Look at the list of games Guaranteed Lottery Numbers can be generated for. The list is on the main page and to be honest it is not a complete list. Hundreds of games! Now only a half-dozen or so of those games are played anywhere near where I live. There's no way I can play every game, no way I can win all the lottery money. Nobody ever could. So it only makes sense to share this information with the most serious players who I believe are those ones who deserve more to share in the lottery winnings!

I see you give three free reports with the numbers. What are they about?
Those are simply a way to say thank you and some great information for you to have, especially 'Eleven Ways The Rich Think Differently Than The Poor.' This powerful report breaks down why the rich are different, and it's not just because they have more money. It could keep you from losing your money if you hit the big one. 'Play The Lottery Absolutely Free,' you won't need this to play the Guaranteed Lottery Numbers as that is only three plays per drawing but this is an awesome way to further increase your chance of winning while decreasing your cost to zero, and I have actually used this method. Finally 'Ten Mistakes Most Lottery Players Make' is full of ways that people play and throw good money away, ways that leave me shaking my head. Number ten I will tell you is the fact that some people don't use Guaranteed Lottery Numbers, and if you are reading this you already are putting yourself ahead of the game.

How does the guarantee work? What do I do to get my money back if I don't win?

You will win in the twelve month period! But in the unlikely event you do not simply contact us via email and let us know and we shall refund 100% of your purchase price.

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